At IFFP, we believe that developing our understanding and experience of religion and spirituality is a life-long process. Thus, we offer programs for religious education for adults as well as for children. Our primary offering for adults is our Adult Education Program which meets at the same time as our Sunday School. Our adult program has grown from an informal series of member-led discussions to a varied program of single session large group discussions and multiple session smaller group discussions that draw on the expertise of outside speakers, our Spiritual Director and Spiritual Advisor, and our membership.

The topics for Adult Education are announced in our weekly member’s bulletin. Our large-group, single-session topics previously presented include:

      • Parallels of Passover and Easter: Connections between Easter and Passover
      • What is faith? Why have faith?: Discussion on the role of non-believers with respect to the Jewish and Christian religions based on readings from Scripture and theologians
      • Wonder: A Radical Response to Despairing Times. Led by Ann Kline from the Shalem Institute
      • The Sabbath: Discussion on what traditions tell us to do on Sabbath and how people are translating that today to counterbalance their busy lives. Led by Rev. Julia Jarvis
      • Jewish/Christian Historical Connections between the Lenten Season and the Jewish Calendar; also the Relationship between Purim and Mardi Gras on Ash Wednesday.
      • Jewish Meditation: Led by Rabbi Pam (Liba) Hoffman of Georgetown University.
      • Healing Israel/Palestine: Why is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict such a divisive and confrontational issue? Led by an IFFP member
      • Sacraments in the Roman Catholic Tradition. Led by Sr. Pat Parachini
      • Challenging Passages of the Bible. Led by IFFP Members
      • Comparative Understandings of Death and Dying and associated Rituals.

      Our multi-session series presented in the past include:

        • Introduction to Kabbalah. Led by Rabbi Harold White
        • Interfaith 101 and the December Dilemma: Series discussed life situations and challenges in an interfaith family: celebrating both holidays, dealing with extended family, how to raise the children.
        • Judaism 101. A three-part series led by Rabbi Gilah Langer
        • Peaceful Home: Mitchell Ratner presented this series providing the tools to create a peaceful home such as meditation techniques with children, suggestions for celebrations and festivals, parenting practices, etc.
        • Personality and Spirituality. Led by trainers Grace McLaren and Linnea Nilsen Capshaw.
        • Christianity 101. Led by IFFP members Sam Lawson and Kent Dirckx
        • Way to Pray. Led by Ann Kline from the Shalem Institute
      • Adult Group Archive
        • Coming soon, descriptions and summaries of recent adult group topics.