December 2, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School
1901 E Jefferson St
MD 20852

Track 1: Interfaith 101, December Delights – Facilitated by Matt McGrath –

Join IFFP for our annual December Delights program, where we explore all
the aspects of being an interfaith couple in the holiday season. We’ll
hear from our clergy, Rev. Julia Jarvis, and long-time member, Matthew
McGrath, as well many other interfaith families who have many years of
experience navigating the holidays. It’s always a great time!

Track 2: Racial Justice Tikkun Olam Group

The final discussion topic from Month #7 in our curriculum is about “Collective Liberation and the Work Ahead.”

Reading: “Anti-Racist Organizing Strategy” – the Catalyst Project  (at most a 10 minute read)

Discussion Prompts

  • What part of the reading’s vision of collective liberation and strategy around engaging with this vision stood out to you?
  • The reading posits that white people must address the white supremacist world view they have internalized as a necessary component of activism.  How does this observation strike you? Has this period of study helped you uncover some of the ways that white supremacy has limited you? How can you see yourself building on this work? What action steps might you take in your own life to dismantle white supremacy?
  • Reflecting on the total concept outlined in Crass’ article, where do you see yourself now after seven months of our reading group? What unique passions, skills, spheres of influence do you bring to this “big picture”? How can you plug in, in such a way that is joyful and sustainable for you, in a way that builds on your unique gifts and sensibilities, and play your part within a larger body of people working towards collective liberation?