2016-2017 Membership Rates

Our fees are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Membership fees are based on gross family income and are per family. We do not exclude anyone due to financial hardship. Please contact Treasurer, Christine Beinhacker, at cbeinhacker@yahoo.com, for special payment arrangements.

  • Family Income to $75,000 | Dues: $725
  • Family Income of $75,000-125,000 | Dues: $1,000
  • Family Income of $125,000-175,000 | Dues: $1,425
  • Family Income of $175,000-225,000 | Dues: $1,900
  • Family Income of $225,000 & up | Dues: $2,300

For families that have "aged out" of Sunday School, we offer a Sustaining membership of 50% of the dues above, based on your income tier. You will see these choices when you go to the Registration page.

If your children graduated from COA in 2011 or earlier, your membership dues are $400 per year, or $3600 lifetime, under a previously existing LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP offer. If you have questions about your Lifetime Membership balance, please contact the IFFP Bookkeeper at bookkeeper@iffp.net.

Become a Member

Deadlines and Penalties: For renewing members, payment is due IN FULL by September 1, 2016. A monthly penalty of $100 will be assessed if payment is not received OR if you have NOT made arrangements for a payment plan with the Treasurer by the deadline (i.e., $100 penalty per month will be assessed on 10/1, then again on 11/1, and so forth until paid in full).