Larry Bostian

Larry Bostian, his wife Cindy Allen, and their three boys, Luke, Lincoln, and Jack, joined IFFP in 1998. They’d been looking for a faith home and were glad to find one in IFFP. Rev. Julia recruited him early to help with¬†Sunday¬†School. He co-taught the 6th grade class for two years with Diane Flynn. Larry joined the board in the late Iron Age and was involved in strategic planning and fundraising. He has led Adult Group and is an enthusiastic member of the IFFP choir. (Make a joyful noise!) Raised in the Presbyterian Church, he considers himself a follower of Jesus and a glad student of Judaism. He studied theology and all that jazz at Wesley Theological Seminary, graduating with an MA in 2013. He volunteers regularly at a local clinic for people in recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Larry’s employed as a fundraiser at the School-Based Health Alliance and is an avid reader and hiker.