Pre-K 3: Friendship


The IFFP 3s class is a relaxed, play-based setting for our youngest Sunday School students.

Focus: Since this is the children’s first Sunday School experience, our focus is on helping the children to feel welcomed at IFFP, getting to know other children in their class, and having fun!

Curriculum: The curriculum focuses on the basic building blocks of spiritual development. Children learn about themselves, friendship (sharing, taking turns, being peaceful, etc.), and Christian and Jewish holidays.

Class Sequence: Every class begins with a welcome song and a ritual. We have circle time, hear stories, sing songs, dance, play games and make crafts. Our music time includes Hebrew songs to begin their exposure to the language.

Setting the Tone: Our goal is for these children to get to know their classmates and get comfortable in Sunday School by the end of the year. Our preschool classes set the tone for the rest of their Sunday School experience!