IFFP’s Teen Group

We welcome all teens into our great IFFP Teen Group! Our goals are simple:

  1. To foster a continued bond among the IFFP teens through social connection, friendship and trust.
  2. To explore social, ethical, moral, and religious issues/choices through engaging experiences and discussions and to examine what these issues mean to the teens personally as they move into young adulthood.
  3. To consistently contribute to the broader community through active service — preferably through activities they can do as a group.
  4. To simply have fun together.
  5. To stay connected to the larger IFFP group through participation in IFFP-wide events.


Here are the great activities the teens will do this year:

  • May 27th – Beach Trip
  • August 4th – Nationals Game
  • September 15th & 16th – Camping Trip
  • October 13th – Rennaisance Fest
  • November 18th – Volunteering at a Wider Circle and Dave & Busters
  • December 16th – Caroling, Ice Skating, and Secret Santa

The plan is to have at least 10 Teen Group activities in the 2018-19 IFFP year. Teen Group tuition this year will be $200.00 per person and will go toward paying Jared and Miranda for their time. Other expenses, like food on the camping trip, will be extra, as we did last year. Please click the PayPal button below to pay your tuition.