A committed group of IFFP members have been regularly meeting over the past couple of years investigating the connections between theology and environmental stewardship and finding practical ways to act on those principles. For the 2017-18 meeting year, we agreed upon a series of environmental actions focused on IFFP members, families and the organization. Our actions have included discussing two books on faith and climate change:  “Hospitable Planet” by Stephen A. Jurovics and “The Greening of Faith” edited by John E. Carroll, Paul Brockelman, and Mary Westfall. We also gave a climate change presentation for the adult group, planned Earth day speakers for the IFFP gathering, and provided regular newsletter environmental reminders and suggestions.  We are working on environmental justice issues, investigating ways to interweave environmental stewardship into our Sunday School curriculum and identifying how we, as a community, can take responsible actions. Our Mission Statement is to: Draw from and apply our interfaith traditions, and to serve as an example for the greater community, we will:
  • Strengthen our spiritual interconnectedness with all life and all things that we call nature,
  • Become more aware of the impacts that we as humans have on the natural world, and
  • Act and live in ways that preserve and heal our precious ecosystems – those systems which sustain us and all life forms on this one Earth.
We welcome all others to join us. For further information please contact Randi Field at scribers@verizon.net