January 17, 2020 – January 20, 2020 all-day
Canaan Valley Ski Resort


Let’s go skiing! We are planning the 6th annual IFFP ski trip for January 17-20 at Canaan Valley, WV. Canaan Valley has Canaan Valley and Timberline downhill ski resorts, White Grass Cross Country ski resort, snowshoeing, ice skating, sledding, and more. Please let us know (boekeloo@umd.edu) if you plan to go by January 4 so that we have an estimate of numbers to make plans for gatherings.

We are recommending that folks try to get a house in the Timberline resort area through Bestofcanaan.com. These homes are nice with fireplaces and kitchens and are big enough for a couple of families to share. Ideally, we would get homes close to each other in this development. If not, everyone is a skier, the homes offer cozy hangouts for reading and relaxing. The Canaan Valley Resort is also nice for those who don’t want to cook, and who want easy access to an indoor pool, ice-skating rink, game rooms (and a bar lounge for those so inclined) –Kids can have the run of the place. These options and those below are close enough to each other to allow for breakfast and dinner gatherings of the IFFP group.

Get your lodging as soon as you can as this will be a busy time at the resorts.  The following are the options:

1) Private home rentals:  http://bookings.bestofcanaan.com/

2) Canaan Valley Resort:  www.canaanresort.com; near downhill and cross country skiing, two resort restaurants, ice skating, indoor pool

3) Land of Canaan: http://www.landofcanaan.com/vacation-rentals.html; convenient to resorts, good value, townhomes with fireplaces and well-appointed kitchens

4) Blackwater Falls State Park Lodge and Cabins:  https://wvstateparks.com/park/blackwater-falls-state-park/; authentic fully equipped cabins with fireplaces and beautiful old lodge, indoor pool, restaurant, beautiful view of Blackwater Falls


But there are many more options:

Best Of Canaan Realty 877- 484-8680, 304-866-8680.

Black Bear Resort 800-553-2327 or 304-866-4391

Canaan Realty 800-448-0074 or 304-866-4400

Canaan Valley Cabins 304-379-7548

Canaan Valley Resort State Park 800-622-4121 or 304-866-4121


Fazenda/North Point 703- 318-7998

Golden Anchor Cabins 304-704-8764


Land of Canaan 304-866-4788

Landis Realty 304-866-2110

Mountaintop Rentals 800-624-4341 or 304-866-4301

North Lake Cabin 304 546-4953

Timberline Four Seasons Realty 866-438-7259 or 304-866-2127

Village Inn Motel 304-866-4166

VRBO/Canaan * Airbnb

Windwood Resort 304- 866-7456 or 888-359-4667

White Grass TrailSide/GarageMahal 2 bedroom full kitchen laundry decks